When it comes to talent development, Geniopath’s digital tools guide users to be future-ready.

People Style Profile™

Identify your communication preferences among 4 key styles. Learn what you’re a natural at doing well and what you do that could cause others to trip. Adapt your style to become a master of collaboration.

What’s your style?


SkillBuild Roadmap™

Rate yourself against the 15 must-have skills to be a contender in today’s work world. Learn to filter and prioritize targeted actions to build an immediate (and practical) 12-week development roadmap.

How strong are your skills?


Future-Ready Engagement Survey™

Your workforce anonymously rates their levels of engagement across 25 questions representing 5 key topics to reflect a current mindset in an age of global change. Rater responses are portrayed illustratively with summary narratives included.

Do you know what your workers think?


Join the tens of thousands of professionals building genius skills today to make their path relevant for tomorrow.

Why use Geniopath?

Geniopath’s digital assessments, and downloadable resources, are used around the globe. Whether small business, Fortune 500, nonprofits or somewhere in between, organizations point to Geniopath to build smarter communication, development and collaboration skills making professionals future-ready. 

Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Being future-ready means you have EQ. And emotional intelligence has its basis in self-awareness. Geniopath’s People Style Profile™ alerts you to your communication and collaboration tendencies in addition to introducing you to how others view things differently, including how they may see you.

Upskill to be Relevant

Today’s organizations agree that equipping workers with must-have skills are a requirement to being competitive. Based on academic research, the findings of leading management consulting firms and global think tanks, 15 skills and the behaviors that comprise their successful application form a personalized path to development via Geniopath’s SkillBuild  Roadmap™.

Transform Teamwork

Go from the “meh” of team building to the power a Community of Excellence can wield by leveraging Geniopath’s tools and resources. Use them to create a common language, benchmark future-ready skills, and motivate the sharing of “smart stuff” to transfer knowledge and forge valuable collaboration practices.   

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Here’s what professionals are saying about Geniopath’s digital tools

The People Style Profile™ is an eye-opener! I could see right away that the tension I felt with some individuals was a result of seeing things differently, not because we were on opposite sides.

Jamie T.

Information Technology Engineer

Working today is different than it was before COVID-19. I was impressed that some of the suggested actions in the SkillBuild Roadmap™ take into account the fact that the workplace is now hybrid – on location and remote. I need to be better versed in virtual collaboration and this made it easier to finesse those skills.

Claire B.

Executive Assistant

I know I needed to build skills but didn’t know where to start. The SkillBuild Roadmap™ walked me through a series of questions which culminated in a map illustrating my self-ratings. From there, I was guided to select skills and specific actions which were practical and could be adopted immediately. I now have a targeted upskill plan that is actually doable!

Jose F.

Bench Scientist

The Collaborate Smarter Guide accompanying the People Style Profilewas hugely helpful in giving me practical tips and techniques for adapting my style to better engage the people I work with.

Jason T.

Data Analyst

It took me 5 minutes to answer the People Style Profilequestions. I was able to immediately download a report which illustrated my style in comparison to others. Quick, intuitive, and super easy to use.

Steve I.

Director of Marketing

Knowing what companies expect when it comes to needed skills is so much easier than trying to cut through all the “noise” out there on development. I use Geniopath’s digital tools as the underpinning to building an effective program for development.

Charlotte W.

Human Resources Manager

Whether an individual contributor, project leader, or a senior manager, the path to expanding your genius is only a click away! For a personal conversation on how you can become future-ready, reach out today at hello@victoriatucker.com