Emotional intelligence is a must-have skill based on self-awareness. Knowing what you are strong at, and what you might be lacking, is the first step toward upping your ability when it comes to effectively influencing others.

The second step is in learning what makes others tick, how your style can collide with or compliment theirs, and more importantly – how to navigate your way toward better collaboration.

The People Style Profile™ is a digital tool which walks you through 20 real-world questions, underpinned with curated algorithms, to identify your communication and collaboration preferences.

Based on the questions answered in key areas, you are alerted to your preferred style (one of four iconic types). You now have a jumping off platform to kickstart internal conversations about how you see things and people, and how others may view you in return.

Each style is effective. One is not better than the other. In fact, having all 4 styles represented in the workplace is necessary to achieve business results.  Once you finish the questions (about 5 minutes), download your personalized report which provides your Signature Style and contrasts it to the others.

The online report is accompanied by the People Style Profile™ Collaborate Smarter Guide – a comprehensive resource highlighting each of the four iconic styles, the strong and not-so-strong attributes of each, along with suggested tips for forging stronger and healthier relationships.

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